Book Review: “Cuttings Through the Year”

picture-21 Locally grown books come and go but this one that has been in publication since 1959.  “Cuttings Through the Year”, in its fifth printing, is published by the Washington Park Arboretum Foundation. The only thing that has changed about “Cuttings” in  nearly fifty years is an occasional cover update and a slight raise in price. Right now, it sells for a whopping $4.95. It’s about the best five bucks a gardener can spend.

     Pick a month…any month…and the book lists plants and methods of propagation for cuttings during that month. How about October? According the “Cuttings Through the Year”, there are more than eighty plants that can be propagated with softwood and hardwood cuttings.

     The beginning of the reference book is filled with basic step by step and how to information about softwood, hardwood, heel, stem and node cuttings but the heart of  “Cuttings” is the indispensable month-by-month list of plants. Natives are included and the fifty one page book also touches on grafting.  It’s short, it’s simple, it saves a lot of trial and error time. The Washington Park Arboretum did the experimenting and we benefit from their experience.

Available through Washington Park Arboretum at and www.gardenshoponline.

Article reprinted with permission Premier Media Group, South Sound Magazine, Dirty Dan Column