Himalayan Blue Poppies: How to keep the darn things alive and coming back

picture-221-Bait for slugs

2-Plant in good soil in a place that gets morning sun but not hot afternoon sun

3-Bait for slugs

4-Blue poppies like plenty of fertilizer and water in the summertime. Sidedress with chicken, horse or steer manure; in the Himalayas they grow in yak dung but…tough to get…

5-Plant them in groups if you can. They grow in colonies in the Himalayas

6-Bait for slugs

7-Blue poppies are very cold hardy but do not like to be wet in the winter; when they begin to go dormant in the fall, cover them with an inverted terracotta pot. It keeps the crown of the blue poppies from getting too wet.

8-Bait for slugs