Lakewold Gardens Plant People

   picture-2  Lakewold Gardens is looking great. The cold, wet, windy spring does at least one good thing…it allows the flowers on the bulbs, flowering trees, rhodies and azaleas to hang on a lot longer. No watering needed.

    Almost all the first flush of small grower plant deliveries have been brought to us and we have a lot of finely tuned and obsessive-compulsively grown and groomed plants on hand. We have plants from Sam the Maple Man, Lee’s Trees, Wayne of Wayne’s Brain, Kiwi Bob, Alpine Rick, Warren the Bulb Guy, The Blue Poppy Lady and Mo-and-the-Guys-Up-North. 


Garden Shop Chunk: Picture by Nicholas Nyland

Garden Shop Chunk: Picture by Nicholas Nyland



     This week we’ll get Keith Phillips’s beautiful stone carvings.

     It’s really fun here at the Garden Shop. Ninety nine point nine percent of the people who walk through the door are wonderful and the other one has no sense of humor. 

     If you’re too far away to stop by and say, “hello”… keep in touch. 

     New stuff will go up on the website in the next week…many things that are hard to do without, like a peanut butter stirrer and a jalapeno pepper corer.