The Oregon Garden Announces Expansion Plans for Rare Conifer Garden


June 13 “Conifer Day” Plant Sale Continues Fundraising Effort

 Silverton, OR— Already displaying one of the largest collections of some of the most rare dwarf and miniature conifers in theUnited States, The Oregon Garden has announced plans to double the size of its current Conifer Garden    

The Oregon Garden Conifer Center

Oregon Garden



     On Saturday, June 13, The Oregon Garden will share artist renderings of its designs at “Conifer Day,” which is centered around a plant sale fundraiser and tours at The Oregon Garden from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The plant sale will feature a wide array of plants including flowering shrubs and perennials, evergreen and deciduous shrubs, and conifers. See more event details below.

      Partnering with the Western Chapter of the American Conifer Society, The Oregon Garden is continuing to explore its “wish list” for the planned expansion.

      “It will have more of a ‘walk in the woods feel’ as opposed to its current formal design,” said Jeff Pera, assistant horticulture manager for The Oregon Garden. He added that The Oregon Garden hopes to incorporate more giant conifers such as sequoia, as well as a meadow expanse and an adjacent educational pavilion. Plans also feature a dramatic gorge with a 12-foot waterfall adorned with Alpine conifer species growing out of the surrounding rockwork.

     “We want this to be an actual flowing body of water that eventually empties into the garden’s wetlands,” Pera said.

      The Oregon Garden’s conifer collection currently features a variety of one-of-a-kind trees that have been collected from around the world. These conifers offer a variety of unique shapes, sizes, textures and colors, including an eight-foot “Chief Joseph” lodgepole pine that turns from dark green in the summer to bright lemon yellow in the winter. The Conifer Garden also includes a variety of companion plants such as Japanese maples, heathers and heaths.

      In addition to showing off its own rare conifers, The Oregon Garden hopes to inspire individuals to see the value of using conifers in home landscaping.

       “People don’t realize the whimsical shapes, textures and vibrant colors that conifers offer,” Pera said. “These evergreens yield year-round color and come in miniature and dwarf sizes that are ideal for containers or small spaces.”

      Indeed, gold, blue, yellow and silver are just some of the hues that these sculpture-like plants exhibit. Meanwhile, their shapes can be anywhere from pointy and conical to full and dangling like fringe.

      “The Western Region of the American Conifer Society helped develop and plant The Oregon Garden’s current conifer garden and has adopted it as the region’s ‘Conifer Reference Garden,’ said Brian Jacob, president of the Western Region of the American Conifer Society. “The expansion project of the conifer garden is the next stage in the development of a world class conifer display garden.”


     “Conifer Day,” happening on Saturday, June 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., is a collaboration between The Oregon Garden and the Western Chapter of the American Conifer Society. Admission is free to the public and includes access to the plant sale and educational displays including artist renderings of the Conifer Garden expansion project. The plant sale is a fundraising activity for the Conifer Garden expansion project.

 All those entering The Oregon Garden on June 13 (entrance fees apply) may enjoy complimentary guided tours of the ConiferGarden.


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