Erigeron kariginskianus “Profusion”

Erigeron_k.Yes, it’s late August…I never could quite figure out the “plant of the month” lists that came out on the first of the month…kind of like announcing the “bestsellers” before anyone buys the book. Oh, well, that’s just me…My pick for “plant of the month” is the Erigeron karivinskianus “Profusion”.

Years ago, one of my customers requested this plant by  flats. I got it for her and didn’t grow it myself…big mistake.  This year I bought it for my own garden and now I understand. It blooms and blooms and blooms. It has a tiny white composite flower that fades to purple and just does not give up. Border with it and put it in front of anything.

It’s kind of like a cat. You love it, you know it’s there but you don’t have to worry about leaving it for a time. It’s independent and takes care of itself. You won’t be sorry if you put it in your garden (the plant, not the cat). Sun, part shade, in well drained soil (again…the plant). It becomes a carpet of delicate foliage and daisy like flowers. One of the true “no maintenance” perennials.


Right before I go to bed
I do my gardening “in my head”
I plan a plot and take up grass
I double dig and plant en masse
I stake perennials and fertilize
Before the plants are too outsized
I train and tie unruly vines
I trim the beds in perfect lines
Compost is spread, I plant the seeds
I know just what my garden needs
I fall asleep with a perfect view
A finished garden, nothing to do
Morning comes…
and time to work
I think I’ll read a gardening book