Patience, Patience

I don’t have patience. I like plants with a good start, preferably already flowering. I’m terrible at the tender care that seed starting requires. I cringe at the thought of having to wait weeks on end for germination. I lose interest and forget to water. Thank goodness there are people who are decidedly different than me and are willing to wait…and wait…and wait…for results.

Take Erik for example. I have seen him transplant dozens of cyclamen seedlings whose stems and root systems looked like threads. It gave me a headache just to watch.  But his latest bit of patience is above and beyond the call… Apologies for you home gardeners with similar propensities. I admire you. I just know I will never be like you.

One tiny lily sprig was purchased in 2000 at Heronswood when Heronswood was still on Kingston, WA (when their plants were truly unusual ones). Erik’s Lilium pardalinum has been moved all around his garden for 10 years, practically on wheels to find just the right growing spot.  He finally found the right spot. His patience paid off. Now he has 9 lily starts all happy to be left alone.