‘Ayesha’ Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are spectacular this year. I have a particular fondness for hydrangeas because of their smell. I used to hide under a really big blue mophead at my grandma’s house when I played hide and seek with my cousins. When I smell them now, I’m instantly five years old…and more than likely being found since that’s the only place I hid.



I have noticed that FB posts are filled with beautiful Hydrangea pictures and everyone agrees that 2016 is the summer of the Hydrangea!

     This is Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Ayesha’. I bought it about 4 years ago in a gallon can and now it’s 5×5 and loaded with more flowers than ever. Some of the flowers are 12” across. I like the cupped florets. The stems keep the heavy flowers up for the most part. I give it plenty of water and it’s on the East side of a garage. It is shaded in the heat of the day. It’s a little bluer than this but it’s the form that is so pretty. The flowers are very substantial. I’m in the South Sound and didn’t amend the soil when I planted it. It seems very happy where it is. I’m thinking about ripping everything out by the garage and planting nothing but Hydrangeas…