2021 NW Flower and Garden Festival Books

Edging toward “normal”, Seattle’s Northwest Flower and Garden Festival is back after a year off.  Beautiful plants and enthusiastic gardeners all gather in one place Feb 9-13 to bring “Greetings from Spring” (this year’s theme), to Puget Sound. 

    The festival is plant sales, beautiful garden displays, a marketplace filled with tempting garden related goodies and well planned seminars. Ahhh….those seminars. It isn’t uncommon to attend the festival just for those seminars. They take place in 2 large rooms below the hubbub. Speaker/authors are always first rate and they bring a lot of slides. Go early and plan on a relaxing and entertaining 60 minutes for each speaker. A book signing always follows. The seminars take place in the Hood Room and Rainier Room a floor below the actual show. It’s nice and quiet. Plan ahead to hear…

“Beginner’s Guide to Growing Great Vegetables” by Lorene Edwards Forkner

     Don’t let “beginner’s guide” keep you away from this one. Any new gardener may never have to buy another how-to vegetable gardening book if they have this one. Forkner has plenty of ideas and techniques for some “aha” vegetable gardening moments even if you aren’t a novice. It’s a month by month extravaganza of why, what and how to grow great vegetables. Timber Press, 224 p., $19.85

Wednesday, 2:30, Hood Room “Cultivating Delicious”

“Grow Now” by Emily Murphy

     Saving our health, communities and planet one garden at a time is a big job that starts small. Murphy believes that “rewilding” is the answer but rewilding with knowledge and a purpose. The purpose is easy…health. The knowledge part is what “Grow Now” is all about. From the importance of soil microbes to ways to increase your NQ (nature quotient), Murphy explains and expands on the power we have when we grow a garden. The research is phenomenal. 

Timber Press, 248 p., $27.95

Thursday, 6:30, Hood Room “Support Biodiversity with No Dig Regenerative Gardening”

“Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates” by Nora Harlow and Saxon Holt

     Harlow and Holt are talking about us…wet winters and dry summers. They include a long list of appropriate plants for lush gardens without massive amounts of water…not to be confused with drought tolerant plants since those drown in our winters. According to the authors our landscapes are often “bullied into submission” by trying to maintain the original landscape. The photography by photojournalist Holt is exceptional. 

Timber Press, 308 p., $29.95

Thursday, 10:00, Rainier Room, Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates”

Thursday, 2 pm, Hood Room “In Focus: Good Gardens Need Good Photography”

“Plant Lovers Guide to Ferns” by Richie Steffen and Sue Olsen

     Not all ferns are alike and they can do just about everything if you choose the right one. Steffen and Olsen are our Pacific Northwest cheerleaders for the beauty and versatility of garden ferns. We’re guided through propagating, growing, designing and choosing some of the 140 pictured garden ferns that will grow in the Pacific Northwest. 

Timber Press, 252 p. $27.95

Friday, 5 pm, Hood Room, “Plant Picks: Plants for Small Spaces” Steffen

Saturday, 9:30, Hood Room, “Plant Picks for a Better Planet”