Scented Geranium Reprise

picture-25Scented Geraniums

     I just rediscovered scented geraniums. If you haven’t grown them, it’s the leaves that are scented, not the flower. The leaves are spectacular and come in many different textures and colors and smell like roses, lemons, limes, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, pineapple, nutmeg…you name it. Today we decided Fair Ellen smelled like dill and pepper. Scented geraniums are floral, fruity, spicy or pungent. They’re really easy to grow. The small, single flowers range in colors from dark pink to lavender.


Scented Geraniums at Garden Shop at Lakewold

Scented Geraniums at Garden Shop at Lakewold



     Scented geraniums are considered tender perennials and live outside in zones 9-10.  They like full sun and when the sun is beating down on them, their fragrance is “heady”. 

     Where I live, in the Pacific Northwest, scented geraniums don’t winter over outside. They can be over wintered in a cool, frost-free room or garage with some light. Even better, take cuttings and start with small plants for next year. Smaller plants are easier to handle. Any propagation directions for the regular annual geraniums will work just fine.  There are hundreds of varieties out there. Scented geraniums must be fun to collect…think I’ll start…Sure glad I rediscovered them.

      The Garden Shop at Lakewold Gardens has Ginger, Nutmeg, Clorinda, Filbert, Variegated Nutmeg, Fair Ellen, Prince Rupert’s Lemon Scented and Spring Park.