Yes, We’re a Little Different in the PNW

While most of the country gets used to the summer heat, here in the usually mild PNW, we feel like everything around us is more normal if we have some cool weather and some rain.

In the winter time some  South to warm up but a real Northwesterner heads north in midsummer just to cool off.

We just broke all records last week with a 104 degree day. We had a right to whine about it since none of us have air conditioning. We were unhappy…no, we were miserable and more than a little “testy”. So, being one of the more miserable and “testy” among us, I took a 2 1/2 hour trip to my brother’s home to the Olympics Mountains to soak up the foggy morning and read a book without sweating.

His wife designed the home and he built it.  His wife designed and works in the vegetable/flower garden and my brother built the hardscapes.

My vacation from heat lasted all of 27 hours including the 5 hours of driving. It was worth every drop of gas and every drop in degree…we even had a fire in the fireplace.