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Vickie Haushild is the proprietress of Gardenshoponline.

Vickie's history with horticulture began as a little girl when her favorite days were spent with her grandmother, a florist in a small southern town. Both of her grandfathers owned grocery stores during the depression so being an entrepreneur is in her DNA.

Vickie studied journalism at Oregon State University and was a writer for local newspapers.

She began her garden bookstore, Secret Garden Book Source, with the intention of saving enough money to make a trip to England. It took eight years but she made it there and loved it so much she went many more times, spending weeks immersing herself in gardening and gardening history.

That passion for gardening also led to 23 years as owner/manager of a garden shop in a South Sound public garden. Her online garden store began in 2000.

Today Vickie offers her gardening thoughts in South Sound Magazine through her column, Dirty Dan, and through her blog, The Independent Gardener.

She stands apart not just in her authenticity to the passion for gardening but her true desire to give people quality products.

We hope that you will come to know as your Homegrown Garden Shop.

--by K. Robinson, student intern

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2 x Wilcox 12" 102 All-Pro Digging Trowel
6 x Bos Bag 20"X20"
1 x Kikuhamon Concave Knob Cutter 8"
1 x Saw for Dry and Wet Bamboo
3 x Burgon and Ball Classic Shears 12 3/4"
1 x Hori Hori Knife w/Long Handle 14 1/2"
1 x Foggit Nozzle .5 Gallons Per Minute
1 x Burgon and Ball Mid Length Rake 22"
3 x Clarington Forge/Bulldog "Fred's Onion Hoe" 16"
1 x Burgon and Ball Dibber 8 1/2"
1 x Burgon and Ball Cultivating Rake 14"
3 x Burgon and Ball Magnetic Mini Steel 4"
2 x Burgon and Ball 'Gertrude Jekyll' Fork
1 x Kid's Ladybug Kneeler/Cushion 10"
2 x Dewit Bio Two Tine Cultivator 12 1/2"
1 x ARS Straight Blade Pruner 7"
1 x Rootrainers by Haxnicks 5" Deep
1 x Bonsai Wire 2 mm
1 x Bosmere RED ONLY Neeleze Kneepads
1 x Burgon and Ball Mid Length Fork 19"
1 x Multi-Sharpener with Oil Reserve 5"
1 x Lawn and Sod Sickle 5"
3 x Burgon and Ball Compost and Soil Scoop
2 x Burgon and Ball Pavement Weeder
2 x String Shopping Bag
1 x Burgon and Ball Potato Harvester 18"
1 x Joyce Chen Original Scissors 6 1/4"
1 x Comfortable Clipper (Houseplant Snips)
1 x Dewit Right Handed Weeding Hoe 18"
1 x Burgon and Ball Hand Hoe 10"
1 x Multi-Sharp Mower and Tool Sharpener for a Power Drill
1 x Dewit Hand Spork 12"
1 x Clarington Forge/Bulldog Rockery Trowel 12"
1 x Dewit Left Handed Cape Cod Weeder 12"
1 x Burgon and Ball Flat Fork 12"
2 x ARS Grape Pruning Scissors 6"
1 x Multi-Sharp Shear and Scissor Sharpener
1 x Felco #9 Left Handed Pruners 8"
1 x Felco #600 Folding Arborist Saw 13 1/2" open
1 x Night Gardening Head Lamp!
1 x Copper Plant Labels by Bosmere 10"
1 x Dewit Victorian Trowel 12 1/2"
1 x Fruit Saw with Wooden Sheath
1 x Burgon and Ball Transplant Trowel
1 x Burgon and Ball Daisy Grubber 11.5"
1 x ARS Curved Blade Fruit Pruners 6"
1 x Dewit Snake Tongue Trowel
1 x Dewit Five Tine Cultivator 11"
1 x Khurpa Large 12"
1 x Mont Blanc Brand Weeding Fork
2 x Felco Tool and Lubricant Spray
1 x Japanese Honens Asparagus Sickle 19 3/4"
2 x Lawn Claws Leaf Scooper 15"x12"
1 x Felco 912 Leather Pruner Holster
1 x Bonsai, Flower and Vegetable Scissors
1 x Bos Sheet by Bosmere 5'x5'
1 x Deadheads Mini Snips 4"
1 x New Zealand Wonder Weeder! 7 1/2"
1 x Felco #2 "Original" Pruners 8"
1 x Japanese Mini-heart Duo-hoe
1 x Multi-Sharp Pruner and Lopper Sharpener
1 x Copper Plant Tags 4 1/2" 10 ct
1 x Blossom Flower Arranger Doily 8"
1 x Wilcox 11" 251SC Side Cut Trowel
1 x Dewit Spring Tine Cultivator 12"
1 x Burgon and Ball Hand Trowel 12 1/4"
1 x Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat 20"x20"
  Wednesday 13 November, 2019