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10\" Aluminum Plant Stakes
Aluminum Plant Stakes are especially helpful if you collect a specific kind of plant, or if just want to remember what you planted (this is getting harder and harder). The best identification markers are the permanent aluminum signs. The 10" tall ones are the best size for identification. They're easy to write on and they're not shiny so you're not blinded by the reflections. My old rose collection has been labeled with them for more years than I care to share. The only thing I have done is re-write the name after a few years. The writing doesn't fade if you use a black wax pencil . I just re-do to brighten it up a little. Ten in a package.

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6 x Gyokucho Fruit Saw with Wooden Sheath
6 x Cuttings Through the Year
6 x Foam Cut and Tie (Florifix) 33'
3 x Cooking Twine 25'
3 x Tea Bag Squeezer, Stainless Steel
3 x Pronouncing Dictionary of Plant Names, They're Back!
1 x Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat 20"x20"
1 x Hori Hori Knife Stainless Steel 12 1/4"
2 x "Original" Cobrahead Weeder 13"
1 x Hori Hori Knife 11 1/2"
1 x Hori Hori Knife Mini Japanese 10"
1 x Hori Hori Knife w/Long Handle 14 1/2"
1 x Watering Nozzle (8 pattern)
1 x All Terrain Gel Gardener Comfort Kneepads
2 x Bachi Gata Hoso Narrow Hoe 15 1/2"
2 x Bachi Gata Hoe 15"
1 x Night Gardening Head Lamp!
1 x Joyce Chen Original Scissors 6 1/4"
2 x Rose Stem Cleaner/Thorn Stripper 6"
1 x Flower Frog Round Dense (3 5/8") Frog
2 x Hanakatsu Hanako Round Frog Pin Cup 1 1/4"
2 x Needlenose Chikamasa Shears 7 1/2"
1 x Saw for Dry and Wet Bamboo
1 x Blosssom Flower Arranger 6"
1 x Bonsai House Plant Rake-Spatula 10"
1 x Bonsai Wire 2 mm
4 x Lever Loops 50ct
3 x Multi-Sharp Mower and Tool Sharpener for a Power Drill
3 x Multi-Sharp Pruner and Lopper Sharpener
3 x Multi-Sharp Shear and Scissor Sharpener
3 x Multi-Sharp 4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener
1 x Burgon and Ball Weeding Finger 11 1/2"
4 x Burgon and Ball Cultivating Rake 14"
3 x Handy Scoop Green 11"
1 x Burgon and Ball Transplant Trowel
3 x Burgon and Ball Daisy Grubber 11.5"
1 x Clarington Forge/Bulldog Rockery Trowel 12"
3 x Copper Plant Labels by Bosmere 10"
1 x Bulb Planter releasable handle 9 1/4"
2 x Burgon and Ball Classic Shears 12 3/4"
2 x Burgon and Ball Compost and Soil Scoop
2 x Burgon and Ball Fern Trowel
2 x Burgon and Ball Flat Fork 12"
2 x Burgon and Ball Four Tine (round) Fork
2 x Burgon and Ball 'Gertrude Jekyll' Fork
2 x Burgon and Ball Hand Hoe 10"
2 x Burgon and Ball Hand Trowel 12 1/4"
2 x Burgon and Ball Mid Length Fork 19"
2 x Burgon and Ball Mid Length Rake 22"
2 x Burgon and Ball Mid Length Trowel 20"
1 x Burgon and Ball Magnetic Mini Steel 4"
1 x Burgon and Ball Short Handled Cultivator
1 x Burgon and Ball Potato Harvester 18"
1 x Burgon and Ball Dandelion Weeder
1 x Burgon and Ball Pavement Weeder
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