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The Kitchen Shop is an experiment. I like it so it's staying until everything is sold or until I keep everything. Most of the items are one offs.
Bamboo Pot Scraper 2"x2" Bamboo Pot Scraper 2"x2" $3.00 Buy Now
Bamboo Spork 3" Bamboo Spork 3" $5.00 Buy Now
Churchkey Can Opener Churchkey Can Opener $1.00 Buy Now
Compost Bucket for Under the Sink Compost Bucket for Under the Sink $12.00 Buy Now
Cooking Twine 25' Cooking Twine 25' $4.00 Buy Now
Fern Frond Slate Cheese Tray 10"x5 1/2" Fern Frond Slate Cheese Tray 10"x5 1/2" $10.00 Buy Now
Fiddlehead Fern Knives and Fork Set 4 3/4" Fiddlehead Fern Knives and Fork Set 4 3/4" $15.00 Buy Now
Herbal Tea Bags (do it yourself) Herbal Tea Bags (do it yourself) $5.00 Buy Now
Kiddo Chopsticks 7" Kiddo Chopsticks 7" $3.00 Buy Now
Produce and Market Bags (Grocery Bag Size) Produce and Market Bags (Grocery Bag Size) $12.00 Buy Now
Robot Tea Infuser Robot Tea Infuser $5.00 Buy Now
String Shopping Bag String Shopping Bag $9.00 Buy Now
Tea Bag Squeezer, Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer, Stainless Steel $6.00 Buy Now
Waiter's Friend (Corkscrew) Waiter's Friend (Corkscrew) $3.00 Buy Now

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2 x Aluminum Plant Stakes 10"
1 x Bachi Gata Hoso Narrow Hoe 15 1/2"
1 x Bonsai Wire 2 mm
1 x Black Wax Mechanical Pencil with Refills
1 x "Original" Cobrahead Weeder 13"
1 x ARS Straight Blade Pruner 7"
2 x Bahco Swivel Grass Shear 13"
1 x Blue Poppy Spinner 24"
1 x Armsavers Arm Protectors
1 x Japanese Ika (Cuttlefish) Hoe
1 x ARS Grape Pruning Scissors 6"
2 x ARS Curved Blade Fruit Pruners 6"
1 x Blosssom Flower Arranger 6"
1 x Bamboo Spork 3"
2 x Blossom Flower Arranger Doily 8"
1 x Bamboo Pot Scraper 2"x2"
1 x Bonsai House Plant Rake-Spatula 10"
1 x All Terrain Gel Gardener Comfort Kneepads
1 x Bachi Gata Hoe 15"
1 x Night Gardening Head Lamp!
1 x Rootrainers by Haxnicks 5" Deep
2 x Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms (book)
1 x Bosmere RED ONLY Neeleze Kneepads
1 x Cuttings Through the Year
2 x Foggit Nozzle 4 GPM
2 x Japanese Mini-heart Duo-hoe
2 x Burgon and Ball Pavement Weeder
2 x Pronouncing Dictionary of Plant Names, They're Back!
1 x New! Pavement Weeder
3 x Mont Blanc Brand Weeding Fork
2 x Plant Identification Terminology-An Illustrated Glossary
1 x Burgon and Ball Compost and Soil Scoop
2 x Felco #9 Left Handed Pruners 8"
1 x Watering Nozzle (8 pattern)
1 x Felco 100 "Cut and Hold" Pruners 8"
1 x Rite in the Rain Journal Book #373 ,
1 x Dewit Transplanter and Horseradish Knife
1 x Felco #600 Folding Arborist Saw 13 1/2" open
1 x Terracotta Bird Pot Feet UK 2 1/2"
1 x Felco F-600 Saw Blade
1 x Tea Bag Squeezer, Stainless Steel
1 x Terracotta Victorian Style Pot Feet (ea)
1 x Burgon and Ball Fern Trowel
1 x Burgon and Ball Mid Length Fork 19"
1 x String Shopping Bag
1 x Felco Tool and Lubricant Spray
1 x Produce and Market Bags (Grocery Bag Size)
1 x Dramm Hydroponic and Bud Shears 3" long blade
2 x Net to Net Clips (50)
1 x Dewit Right Handed Weeding Hoe 18"
1 x Flower Frog Round Dense 3" Kenzan
1 x Comfortable Clipper (Houseplant Snips)
1 x O'Keefe's Healthy Feet 3.2 oz
2 x Burgon and Ball Transplant Trowel
1 x Kiddo's Flower Press 5"x7"
1 x Felco #2 "Original" Pruners 8"
1 x Burgon and Ball Four Tine (round) Fork
1 x Bonsai, Flower and Vegetable Scissors
  Monday 26 August, 2019