“Continuous Color, Continuous Bloom”

     Trying to achieve that Sacred Gardener’s Goal, year round color, can tip the most patient gardener’s sanity scale.  Since a lot of us would rather spend our precious summer hours outside in plant mode rather than Googling for garden answers… wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear and concise guidebook that explains year round garden color; one with a lot of pictures and not much talk?   Pam Duthie to the “give it to me straight” rescue! Two of her books on garden color, “Continuous Bloom”(A month-by-month guide to nonstop color in the Perennial Garden) and “Continuous Color”(A month-by-month guide to shrubs and small trees for the continuous bloom garden) demystify the “color problem”.

      Starting with late winter, Duthie lists perennials, shrubs and trees that are easy to find and easy to grow. These are the workhorse plants that give back with longer bloom periods and lower maintenance.  Each plant is pictured (one plant per page) and accompanied with just the essentials:  zone, bloom length, light requirement, size and care. Those essentials are accompanied with insider tips, design uses and suggestions for plant combinations. All the plants listed will grow in any South Sound and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them.

     New gardeners who want good, solid information and don’t want to be confused with too many choices will find these easy to use and follow.  Seasoned gardeners who know their plants but need some help in filling in color gaps will find these books invaluable. They’re for keeping, not for coffee tables.