“The Informed Gardener” by Linda Chalker-Scott

       The long stream of pretty garden picture books have abated and now we’re getting down to the real deals. “The Informed Gardener” by Linda Chalker-Scott, and the second edition of “Plant Identification Terminology” by James G. Harris and Melinda Woolf Harris are reference books to hold onto…

     “The Informed Gardener” by Chalker-Scott, is the gardener’s “mythbuster”. She sets up a premise (the Myth), explains the facts (the Reality) and then gives an explanation (the Bottom Line).

   Some of the myths that are exploded include, “The Myth of Native Plant Superiority”, “The Myth of Instant Landscaping” and “The Myth of Organic Superiority”. There are more than 30 other myths taken on by Chalker-Scott.  Each mighty misconception is debunked with references from research papers and field studies.  It’s surprising how many gardening procedures and operations we pass along and how many of them are dead wrong. It’s helpful to get it right the first time. It saves hours of work and a lot of money. “The Informed Gardener” is a fascinating read.

     Linda Chalker-Scott is an extension urban horticulturist and associate professor at Puyallup Research and Extension Center, Washington State University. She is Washington state science editor of Master Gardener Magazine and author of an online column, “Horticultural Myths”. www.puyallup.wsu.edu/

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Article reprinted with permission Premier Media Group, South South Magazine, Dirty Dan Column