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The Garden Shop

The Garden Shop by Deb Alder

We finally had a nice weekend here in the South Puget Sound of the beautiful PNW. Friend, John, calls it a “compressed spring”. It’s not a late spring, just a short one.

So far, we have had an unusual amount of rain, sleet, hail, wind and even snow in our weird spring. However…at the Garden Shop at Lakewold, I keep hearing that it’s the prettiest display of spring flowers we have seen in many years. We can “blame” it all on the rain. We had record rainfall in May, resulting in the greenest of springs.

It is generally agreed that this year many plants in the Northwest are “overlap-blooming”, an interesting phenomenon.  Rhodies, azaleas and spring bulbs that normally would be way past bloom-time are still blooming; and later bloomers are bursting with color…so, we have an overlap of bloomers and an explosion of  color. Unless the temperature soars into the 80’s in the next few days (highly doubtful), spring color should last several more weeks.

Himalayan Poppy by Deb Alder

Himalayan Poppy by Deb Alder

The “Gardening with Ciscoe ” show with Ciscoe Morris and Meghan Black will be shooting at Lakewold Gardens on May 28 for a June TV airing.  It’s always fun to see Ciscoe and Meghan.

Lakewold Gardens had a wonderful flower show this weekend presented by the Tacoma Garden Club. Thanks to the beautiful displays and the much appreciated sunshine, Lakewold was flooded (metaphorically speaking;) with plenty of enthusiasic visitors.

Keith Phillips Stonework.  photo Deb Alder

Keith Phillips Stonework. photo Deb Alder