Now that I have been semi-retired for 10 months, I’m finally getting used to the idea of leisure. I can’t remember ever having so much time to garden, nursery hop and go on garden tours. There is a wonderful sounding plant nut tour in Oregon called the Cascade Loop Trail so a friend and I decided to take it in. Then we thought…why couldn’t we plan our own tour. So, that’s what we’re doing. Friend Deb dubbed it “The Fruit Loops Tour”, mostly because all the planning will probably end up in an unopened notebook.


Since neither one of us knows much about the independent nurseries in SW Washington and NW Oregon, I asked a Vancouver, WA, customer (one that I have never met), if she could please tell us about a few small nurseries in the area, ones with unusual perennials since those are our addictions. She took the time to ask her neighbor to help with the list. The neighbor then took the time to write out a list of her favorite nurseries, invited us to go through her garden and even offered us some glory bower that she is dividing! This is why I love hanging out with gardeners. They are generous beyond belief.

We’re definitely stopping to see their gardens and unless our “plans” change we’re going to blog along the way (mostly so we’ll remember what we didJ

Thank you to Vancouverites? Vancouverians? Tricia and Chris. See you on June 22.