New Varieties and Nursery Hopping in the South Sound

“Gotta-Get” New Varieties

Here in the South Sound there are enough experienced and educated gardeners to keep the growers on their toes. Lucky for us! When your audience is knowledgeable it ups your game. South Sound gardeners are upping their game too and asking for “something different”. Well, here are a few “different” plants to seek out and request at your local nursery. They will all be locally available and they are all cold hardy in the South Sound.

Veronica ‘Enchanted Indigo” is a perennial with purple spike flowers on a 16” plant that blooms spring to fall. Bees and butterflies love it.


Hydrangea ‘L.A. Dreamin’ is a mophead that takes the guesswork out of the blue/pink dilemma. Both colors are on this hydrangea. The flowers are a blue-pink blend on a 30×30 inch shrub.95108

Lavender stoechas ‘White Anouk’ has been a big hit in Europe and it’s finally here. This Spanish lavender has a white topknot and light lavender petals. Good in containers. Spring blooming.stoechas_Snowman

Disporum contoniense ‘Moonlight’ is a fascinating foliage plant from the Netherlands with wavy bright green leaves and a pearl-white center. Lights up a shady garden. Variegation turns purple in the fall. Small yellow flowers last throughout the summer

Schizophragma elliptifolium ‘MonLaBaHe Blush’ (Red Rhapsody) is from the Dan Hinkley Plant Collection from seed he collected in China. It looks like a climbing hydrangea and does best when trained on trunks of sizable trees, fences or arbors. It likes shade to part shade and grows 10-15 feet. The “red rhapsody” part is the shiny red new foliage. Flowers are large cream-colored bracts.

NOID Varieties

If you come across this new variety, NOID, don’t pull out your phone to look it up. It just means that the nurseryman has no clue what it is…get it? No ID. (no identification). It took a long time before I figured out this one.

 ADYD Varieties

Here’s another crazy gardening acronym (blame all of this on text messaging). ADYD means “another ‘darn’ yellow daisy”. Evidently there are way too many yellow daisies for some gardeners.


Nursery Hopping for New Varieties

  Where does a crazed plant buyer go to buy these new varieties? Easy Peasy…

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.40.20 PM    Every year the information-full Specialty Nursery Guide (Western Washington Edition) is released at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show (Feb 11-15) . This is THE guide for more than 60 nurseries in Western Washington, a majority located in the South Sound. Each nursery lists its specialties, its services, hours of operation and how to get there…all in one little booklet.

The most amazing part of the publication is the cost…it’s FREE! If you have never looked at this unassuming little gem you’ve missed out on a tempting list of plant and garden supply buying opportunities. After the release at the NW Flower and Garden Show the publication can be found at any of the nurseries mentioned in the guide. In the meantime, you can look at the website to get an idea about the service the SNG has been providing South Sound gardeners for decades.



The Herb Lovers Spa Book

     The Herb Lover’s Spa Book

“Every time we bring ourselves to a place of relaxation the memory preserves it”. What a wonderful thought from “The Herb Lover’s Spa Book” by Sue Goetz.

k2-_461a5748-2ea9-4be4-879f-16f34a24b594.v2     Sue Goetz is well known in the South Sound for her garden design and herb talks. It’s pretty obvious that her passion for gardening in general and herbs in particular runs deep. In “The Herb Lovers Spa Book” she posits that we can all have and deserve a special “me” space… at home. Sue gives detailed direction about how to accomplish this by asking four questions: “What will I do in the space? When will I use it most? What additions are needed to meet my needs? What would preclude my enjoyment in the space?” Once you answer these questions you have begun to create a “me” space. Then come the herbs. Sue gives you the scaled down list of the best herbs to grow for the spa recipes that follow. The ideas are straightforward and the message is clear, “Take care of yourself”. 171 pages, St. Lynn’s Press, $18.95

This one is a keeper.