Northwest Flower and Garden Festival 2020, a few speakers to look for…

When a shot of spring is just what a South Sound gardener needs, the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival pops up again. (Feb 26-March 1)

The seminars are all set. Speakers are lined up and authors will sign copies of their books after their talks. Some garden-show goers just park themselves in the comfortable media rooms to hear the speakers. They’re that good. They are always informative…and if you’re lucky sometimes they’re even funny. These are just a few of the books and authors who will be in Seattle for the show that has been running for 31 years.

“ A Year at Brandywine Cottage” by David Culp

The holy grail for many South Sound gardeners is “year round color”.  Author of the popular, “A Layered Garden”, David Culp, has written another outstanding book,  “A Year at Brandywine Cottage, Six Seasons of Beauty, Bounty and Blooms”.  It is a love letter to 30 years of gardening in the same Pennsylvania garden. And anything he can grow, we can grow too…

Culp points out that a great garden really is in the details…look closely at the details in your garden, not just the big picture. The details make the garden special and satisfy the gardener’s creativity.

He also points out that every garden has its own seasons. He has deduced that his has 6 seasons. Paying close attention to your garden will reveal your seasons. The seasons at Brandywine Cottage are a template for discovering your own seasons and includes everything from 30 years of lessons learned to sharing his favorite recipes. Timber Press, photography by Bob Cardillo, 295p, $35

Wednesday, 4:30 pm, Rainier Room

Thursday, 11:30 am, Rainier Room


“Deer-Resistant Design” by Karen Chapman

     Gardener’s who don’t have a deer problem are probably in the minority since deer are now urban invaders. Just wait. Outside of the city, gardeners have been dealing with trying to grow something deer just don’t find tasty. The clear evidence seems to be that deer change their appetites. They will avoid one plant one year and devour the same plant the next year.

     Karen Chapman’s, “Deer-Resistant Design” attacks the deer problem in a new way. Could it be that how and where you plant your garden is as important as what plants you choose?  The subtitle is, “fence-free gardens that thrive despite the deer”.

     Along with a photographic compendium of deer-resistant plants, there are examples of deer proof garden designs and helpful, logical hints like…hiding your more susceptible plants behind the ones that are deer proof/resistant. Deer often eat around the periphery and won’t go into the garden past that ring of unappetizing plants…hopefully. Timber Press, 224 p., $24.95

Saturday, 1 pm, Rainier Room


“The Lifelong Gardener: Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age” by Toni Gattone

     Gardening is not for wimps. It is exercise for every part of the body. It requires strength, balance, flexibility and stamina not to mention patience and keen observation.

Young or wise, gardening is one of the healthiest of hobbies and you get food and flowers. ”The Lifelong Gardener” is a guide to pleasure in the garden…how to stay fit, adapt a garden through the years and how to choose tools that make your gardening life a little easier. If you think you’re too young for the information…put it away for laterJTimber Press, 200p, $19.95

Friday 11am, Hood Room

Saturday, 5 pm, Hood Room


“The Earth in Her Hands: 75 extraordinary Women working in the world of plants” by Jennifer Jewell

     Another title for this book might be “personal journeys of women who have a passion for plants.” The 75 women are from California, New York, Colorado, Texas, England, Ireland, Wales and India. Six of them are from Washington.

     Women scientists, designers, seed growers, farmers, researchers, photographers, educators, authors, nurserywomen, historians and artists are lovingly spotlighted for their work with plants, each in her own words. They are all inspiring. One of the best features of the short bios is the list each woman gives of the women who have inspired them. You may have heard of several of them but most are women whose names are only recognizable in their particular fields (no pun)…a few unsung heroines.  Timber Press, 300p,  $35

Wednesday, 12:30 pm, Hood Room

Thursday, 12:30 pm, Hood Room