South Sound Pop up Veggie Gardens and Great Podcasts

 A lot of walking and strolling is going on just to get out of the house. If you’re a walker, you have probably noticed exceptionally nice gardens and yards and other walkers who cross the street and give a friendly wave. There is a kind of closeness that is happening among people who have to stay away from one another. Challenging times indeed.

The South Sound is filled with new vegetable gardens. A lot of raised beds have popped up in front gardens. Seed companies have had a hard time keeping up with vegetable seeds orders and many have sold out for the first time. There isn’t a shortage of seed, just a temporary slow down to restock. So there is plenty of time for…

 Summer Seed Sowing

     Bush Beans can be planted until late July. Beets can be planted until August. You can direct seed Broccoli until mid-July. It may sound counterintuitive but summer is the time to sow vegetable seeds for fall and winter vegetables. You can sow seeds of carrot, kale (some people actually like it) and green onions. Even parsley seeds can be planted and harvested through next spring. Brussels sprouts take a little longer until harvesting but if you like them, why not try? Watering is imperative but it’s well worth the time it takes to have your own fresh vegetables into fall and winter.

     We’re lucky to be in a region that can grow a year round vegetable garden. While you’re out there planting you can listen…

    Garden Podcasts for Everybody

Garden podcasts have become welcome respites for gardeners who want to learn or just be entertained. Here are a few of the best

 “A Way to Garden” Margaret Roach’s interview show, organic gardening and landscaping

“Cultivating Place” Jennifer Jewell conversations about natural history and the impulse to garden

“On the Ledge” Jane Perrone talks about indoor plants

“Let’s Argue About Plants” funny Fine Gardening duo

“In Defense of Plants” dedicated to botany

“Gardener’s Corner” from Northern Ireland, they visit gardens and take calls. Everything is discussed and it can only be described as “charming”. (my favorite)

Garden podcasts are regional or theme specific. There is one out there for every gardener, experienced or new. Follow your favorite podcast with the other exploding hobby…

“Recipes From a Kitchen Garden” by Renee Shepherd and Fran Raboff

Both cooking and gardening have taken up a lot of our “free” time. With all of the vegetables to harvest it’s always great to have some tried and true delicious ways to use them.

     Chances are you bought some of Renee’s Seeds. She sells flower and vegetable seeds that nobody else sells. The cookbook, first published in 1993, has been updated and republished. It’s all about the vegetables you have been growing. A family favorite is the Fire and Ice Tomato Salad. It’s a compact cookbook filled with great veggie recipes. Order it from, $14.95, Shepherd Publishing, 164 p.