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1 x Dewit Onion Hoe 14"
1 x Dewit Bio Two Tine Cultivator 12 1/2"
2 x Dewit Chelsea Eye Hoe 15"
2 x Felco Grease 1 oz
2 x Felco #9 Left Handed Pruners 8"
2 x Felco #6 Smaller Pruners
2 x Felco 100 "Cut and Hold" Pruners 8"
1 x Felco #2 "Original" Pruners 8"
1 x Felco #600 Folding Arborist Saw 13 1/2" open
1 x Felco 912 Leather Pruner Holster
2 x Felco Belt/Clip 910 Holster
1 x Felco Tool and Lubricant Spray
2 x Foggit Nozzle .5 Gallons Per Minute
2 x Foggit Nozzle 1GPM
2 x Foggit Nozzle 4 GPM
2 x Foggit Nozzle 2 Gallons Per Minute
1 x Wilcox 12" 102 All-Pro Digging Trowel
1 x Wilcox 10" 52 Mid-size Trowel
1 x Burgon and Ball 'Gertrude Jekyll' Fork
1 x Burgon and Ball Transplant Trowel
1 x Burgon and Ball Hand Trowel 12 1/4"
1 x Burgon and Ball Daisy Grubber 11.5"
2 x Bachi Gata Hoso Narrow Hoe (traditional) 15 1/2"
2 x Bachi Gata Hoe 15"
1 x Clarington Forge/Bulldog Rockery Trowel 12"
1 x Sophie Conran Dibber 9 1/2"
1 x Cobrahead!
1 x Clarington Forge/Bulldog "Fred's Onion Hoe" 16"
1 x Burgon and Ball Fern and Rockery Trowel
1 x Wilcox 251 Trowel 12"
2 x Kuwa Hoe 12"
1 x Burgon and Ball Dandelion Weeder
1 x Burgon and Ball Pavement Weeder
1 x Burgon and Ball Compost and Soil Scoop
2 x Japanese Ika (Cuttlefish) Hoe
1 x Mont Blanc Brand Weeding Fork
1 x Japanese Digging Fork 14"
1 x Japanese Hand Pick Hoe Mattock 15 1/2"
1 x Kana Hoe 10"
1 x Root Hook, Three Prong 8"
1 x Hori Hori Knife Stainless Steel 12 1/4" overall
1 x Flower Frog Round Dense (3 5/8") Frog
1 x ARS Straight Blade Pruner 7"
1 x ARS Curved Blade Fruit Pruners 6"
1 x Needlenose Chikamasa Shears 7 1/2"
1 x Bonsai, Flower and Vegetable Scissors, zen
1 x ARS Grape Pruning Scissors 6" 320-BT
1 x Hori Hori Knife 11 1/2" overall
1 x Okatsune Bud Trimming and Thinning Scissors 7 1/2"
1 x Kikuhamon Concave Knob Cutter 8"
1 x Saboten Cut and Hold Shears (roses and more)
1 x Silky Teflon Floral Scissors
  Tuesday 03 August, 2021